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Two different people provided me with two different aerial photos taken recently of the Navajo Generating Station plant site. You know who you are, and thank you for getting these to me! Both of these photos show the current state of the NGS site as of July, 2022. There’s not much left there.

As an extra bonus I also show you an early aerial photo of the construction of the plant from 1970-ish. So this video gives you two ends of the spectrum: the demolition of NGS and the building of NGS. One of these is not like the other.


If you worked at Navajo Generating Station, you’ve probably heard the story and seen the pictures of the night the Unit 3 steam leads failed while the unit was online. But have you ever wondered what exactly happened and what it must have been like to be in the control room when those main steam lines blew off the Unit 3 high pressure turbine? If so, you’re going to like this interview because Mark Avery was the Unit 3 Control Room operator on shift the night the steam leads failed and you’re going to hear what that experience was like directly from Mark.

Here are the links to the pictures I show during this video. These images will open in a new tab in your browser.


I had the privilege of interviewing Shayne Jones, former Maintenance Superintendent at Navajo Generating Station. We talked about his roots growing up in Page Arizona, his career with Salt River Project at Navajo Generating Station, and his thoughts about the closure of NGS and its subsequent demolition.

I hadn’t seen or talked to Shayne in literally decades, so it was good to grab some time to catch up and reminisce. Shayne wrote an article for Lake Powell Life News called NGS: The Iconic Stacks are Coming Down. Be sure to click that link and check it out. Also, consider subscribing to my YouTube Channel so you don’t miss a thing. Enjoy!

When I saw this picture I recognized much of what was in it right away because I remember being there probably 6-8 months after this picture was taken. Since I’m cooped up over here with the social distancing thing going on and I wanted to tell somebody about it, I made this short video. Lucky you! Let me walk you through what I remember about the things in this photo. Here’s a link to the photo itself in case you want a copy. Be sure to check out my YouTube channel, Navajo Generating Station Remembered.

I’ve known Bobby Poole since 1960 when we moved to Page Arizona and I started first grade there. We were both on site at Navajo Generating Station during construction of the plant in the early 1970s. Bobby worked for Owens Corning Fiberglass at the time and I was a security guard at NGS, employed by Burtco. We both witnessed the construction of NGS first hand, specifically units 2 and 3. I was hired by Salt River Project as an Operator Trainee in 1976 and Bobby was hired in that same position in 1980. This conversation is his story, not just of his time at NGS but you’ll also hear a recap of his history as one of the first residents of Page. Links we talked about in this conversation:

The NGS boiler demolition took place on March 3rd, 2021. Bobby Poole, a retiree of NGS and Salt River Project joined me as we watched and videoed the implosion.

This is my conversation with Fred Larson. With 41 years operations experience at Navajo Generating Station, Fred Larson, O&M 4 Supervisor, was given the honor of opening the Unit 2 generator breakers for the final time on November 18, 2019, bringing to a close over 4 decades of power generation at NGS. In our conversation, I asked him about that moment and the atmosphere in the Control Room on that final day of operation in light of his 41 year career at NGS. Grab your favorite beverage and listen in.

This is my conversation with Jeff Rhees. Jeff is the former Operations Manager at NGS. He and I worked on the same shift in early 1980s and between the two of us, we have close to 80 years with Salt River Project. I asked Jeff about his experiences at NGS and his thoughts on the closing of the plant and its demolition.

I was in Page on December 18, 2020 when the stacks came down. This is the full-length version of that event and includes some footage from the previous day as I began processing the demolition of NGS. If you’re wanting a shorter version with no commentary, that video is right below this one.

Here’s the short version of the stacks coming down. I recorded this on 12-18-2020 just off of highway 98 southeast of the plant. The voices on this video are not mine, but people standing near me.