An Aerial View of the NGS Stack Demolition

These photos show the December 18, 2020 stack demolition from an aerial vantage point. This images are the copyright property of John Dillon Photography and are used here by permission. You can see more by visiting John Dillon Photography on Facebook at and on Instagram at Thank you John for allowing me to use these!

NGS Stacks From the 500 Yard

Here’s a still from 12-18-2020 of the stack implosion as seen from the west side in the 500 kV yard. Of course the boilers and precipitators are gone now as well. Click to enlarge.

Navajo Generating Station, December 18, 2020

NGS Original Stacks

This aerial view of the original stacks shows the unit 3 stack still under construction. Unit 1 is on line. The train is in the loop. Click the image to enlarge it.

Aerial View of the NGS Stack Demolition

Here’s an aerial view of the NGS stack demolition that took place on December 18, 2020. Courtesy of EcoFlight, this video is hosted on their YouTube channel at–WySBu8b4JQmzEXA and shared here.

NGS Units 1 and 2 Stack Construction

This is a very early snapshot of the Units 1 and 2 stacks under construction. Click image to enlarge.

NGS Unit One Boiler and Stack

This photo is a look north at the Unit One boiler and stack. You can also see the Unit One coal silos and construction proceeding on the Unit Two power block. Be sure to check out my YouTube Channel. Click the image to enlarge it and see more detail.

NGS Construction Site

This undated photo shows the Navajo Generating Station construction site with Units 1&2 well under way. Click the image to enlarge it. There’s a lot to see in this. If you were there at the time, this photo will bring back a lot memories for you. If you were there, let me know in the comments.

NGS Stack Implosion (Short Version)

This is the short version of the NGS stack implosion. I recorded this live on the early morning of December 18, 2020.

Source: Yours Truly

NGS Stack Implosion

This is the video I recorded the day the stacks came down on 12-18-2020. That was a long day but I wanted to get this video out even though I was starting to lose my voice. It was surreal to witness the stack demolition live. A lot of memories came to mind as I witnessed it.

Source: Yours Truly