An Aerial View of the NGS Stack Demolition

These photos show the December 18, 2020 stack demolition from an aerial vantage point. This images are the copyright property of John Dillon Photography and are used here by permission. You can see more by visiting John Dillon Photography on Facebook at and on Instagram at Thank you John for allowing me to use these!

NGS: The Stages of Demolition

Still Making Megawatts

This undated photo shows all 3 units of Navajo Generating Station online and making megawatts.

Stack Demolition

This view of the 12-18-2020 stack demolition was taken from the 500kV yard on the west side of the power block. The unit 3 precipitators came down as part of the stack implosion. Click to enlarge.

Units 1 and 2 Precipitators

Following the stack implosions, the units 1 and 2 precipitators were next to go. This image shows the units 1 and 2 precips moments before their demolition on 1-19-21. The unit 3 precips came down with the stack implosions on 12-18-2020 and can be seen on the left side of the picture. click to enlarge.

The Stackless Version

I took this picture on March 2nd, 2021, the day before the boiler demolitions. The stacks and precipitators are already gone. The stacks and the unit 3 precips came down on 12-18-20. The units 1 and 2 precips came down on 1-19-2021.

Boiler Demolition

This still image was taken from my video of the boiler demolition on 3-3-21 and shows the units 1-3 (right to left) boilers coming down, along with the unit 3 elevator.

Boiler Demolition Aftermath

After the boiler demolition, this cloud formed over the NGS plant site due to the coal fire that resulted from the demolition. The coal silos for all 3 units were part of the demolition that day and a pretty significant fire ensued but it looked like it was quickly contained. Click image to enlarge.

Turbine Deck and Power Block

I took this in the late afternoon of March 3rd, 2021, the day the boilers came down. It was still hazy from the smoke earlier. Click image to enlarge and you can see a U3 silo and part of the boiler laying on their sides and a couple of the U3 steam leads sticking up in the air.

NGS Stacks From the 500 Yard

Here’s a still from 12-18-2020 of the stack implosion as seen from the west side in the 500 kV yard. Of course the boilers and precipitators are gone now as well. Click to enlarge.

Navajo Generating Station, December 18, 2020

The New NGS Landscape

This photo was taken following the stack demolition that took place on December 18, 2020. It’s looking east toward Tower Butte. Damaged from the stacks falling, the 1B cooling tower is partially visible on the left. The Service Water ponds are just off the picture to the left. This is just surreal to me. Click the image to enlarge.

NGS Stack Demolition Aftermath

This eerie photo was taken right after the Navajo Generating Station stack implosion on December 18, 2020. It was taken from the west side of the power block, looking toward Unit Two. Be sure to check out my YouTube Channel.

NGS Stack Implosion (Short Version)

This is the short version of the NGS stack implosion. I recorded this live on the early morning of December 18, 2020.

Source: Yours Truly

NGS Stack Implosion

This is the video I recorded the day the stacks came down on 12-18-2020. That was a long day but I wanted to get this video out even though I was starting to lose my voice. It was surreal to witness the stack demolition live. A lot of memories came to mind as I witnessed it.

Source: Yours Truly