Aerial Flyby of Navajo Generating Station in the Not-Too-Distant Past

This undated flyby of NGS is great! Still making megawatts when this happened. The helicopter rotor sound is an added bonus.
Source: Salt River Project, public download.

Early NGS Aerial Overview

When I saw this picture I recognized much of what was in it right away because I remember being there probably 6-8 months after this picture was taken. Since I’m cooped up over here with the social distancing thing going on and I wanted to tell somebody about it, I made this short video. Lucky you! Let me walk you through what I remember about the things in this photo.

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Here’s a copy of the image in case you want it for your collection.

NGS Unit One Progressing

This photo, taken from the south, shows construction progressing on unit one’s boiler. Some of the air ducts are in place and the units one and two elevator shaft is emerging. Check out the vintage pickup trucks and the workers on the ground. Click to enlarge.

The New NGS Landscape

This photo was taken following the stack demolition that took place on December 18, 2020. It’s looking east toward Tower Butte. Damaged from the stacks falling, the 1B cooling tower is partially visible on the left. The Service Water ponds are just off the picture to the left. This is just surreal to me. Click the image to enlarge.

NGS Beginnings

This is view of the plant site very early on. There’s a lot of activity going on in this photo. Click the image to enlarge it and check out the detail. Be sure to check out my YouTube Channel.