Construction Images

The images below document the construction of Navajo Generating Station from 1970-1976. Unit one came on-line in 1974, unit two in 1975, and unit three in 1976. The last unit (unit two) came off-line for the final time on November 18, 2019 at 12:09 PM. The photos on this page record different stages of the construction of Navajo Generating Station. Click on an image to enlarge it.

Breaking Ground for NGS

This is probably the earliest photo in my collection. Not much looks familiar in this picture because so much of it is at ground level and below. But Tower Butte is visible on the horizon on the far right side of the picture, so all is well. Click to enlarge.

Unit One From South

This photo is a look at the Unit One boiler structure from the south, looking north. The coal silos are clearly visible and the foundation columns are in place for the power block turbine deck. Click the image to enlarge. It looks like the Unit One Deaerator Storage Tank might be set in place.

Unit One Boiler Structure

This photo is from about the same time as the one above – probably a little bit earlier. It was taken from near where the dewatering bins will soon stand. The U1 coal silos are in place. If the deaerator storage tank is in the picture above, it’s not in this one. Click to enlarge.

Unit One From South

This photo was taken a little later than the ones above. Notice the first air ducts that are installed. The U1 and U2 elevator shaft is under construction. No sign yet of the construction elevator. The silos are visible as well as the deaerator and the deaerator storage tank are installed. Click the photo to enlarge.

Unit One Aerial

There’s a lot to see in this photo. Work is progressing on the turbine deck, including U2 and U3. the empty Service Water pond is there and the U2 cooling tower area is cleared off. The large rectangle building on the right was the Bechtel admin building. The smaller building next to it was the receiving dock. I used to make deliveries there when I worked for Wyckoff Trucking in the early 70s. The 2 long buildings where the U3 cooling towers would eventually be, were the barracks. The building at the end of the barracks was the cafeteria. The building next to the barracks was the Burtco Security admin building. Burtco provided the security for NGS in the early years. Click photo to enlarge.

Early Aerial of NGS

Click on this one to enlarge it. There’s a lot going on in this photo. Take your time with it and make sure you see everything that’s there. Amazing photo!

Unit One Silos

Here’s a good closeup shot of the U1 coal silos at the 52′ elevation, looking south toward unit two. You can see the U1/U2 elevator shaft under construction to the left. The U1 deaerator and deaerator storage tank are to the right. How many workers do you see in this photo? Click to enlarge.

NGS Coal Yard Construction

This photo was taken from somewhere on the U1 boiler structure. The dewatering bins and the U1 fly ash bin are under construction. The train’s in the background. Click to enlarge. There’s a lot of detail to see in this one.

Open Turbine Deck

Here’s a never-to-be-repeated see-thru look at the NGS turbine deck and power block. Check out the step-side pickup truck on the far right. Those trucks with Bechtel stickers on the door were a common site around Page during that time.

Unit One in Color

This early snapshot gives us a look at the U1 boiler structure and the U1 & 2 power block foundation in living color. Click to enlarge.

Lake Pump Station

Preliminary work at the Lake Pump Station is underway in this photo. This small drill was used in advance of the one pictured below. The Lake Pump Station was always nice in the hot summer months because it was always freezing inside.

Lake Pump Station Drilling Rig

In this photo, drilling was well underway at the NGS Lake Pump Station to access the water from Lake Powell that was necessary for the operation of the plant. The first 3 pump shafts have been drilled and the crew is working on the fourth in this picture. The Lake Pump Station was next to the road to Antelope Point at Lake Powell. Click to enlarge.

Lake Pump Drill Bit

This is one of the drill bits used to drill the pump shafts at the NGS Lake Pump Station. Click image to enlarge.

Lake Pump Station Water Lines

Water from Lake Powell was delivered to Navajo Generating Station from the Lake Pump Station via these buried lines. There were 2 of these buried lines that ran side by side. The next photo shows that.

Lake Pump Lines

This photo shows the water lines from the Lake Pump Station to the plant, being buried. Click to enlarge.

NGS From The Lake Pump Road

This photo, taken from or near the Lake Pump road, shows the Units 1&2 boilers under construction and the Units 1&2 original stacks. The power block is well under way. Click to enlarge.

Pillar and Rebar Work at NGS

This may have been one of the power block pillars. I’m not sure.

Unit One Boiler and Power Block

Taken from the north, this picture shows the progress on the U1 boiler and power block. The construction elevator steel is now visible next to the personnel elevator steel. Click to enlarge.

Unit One Boiler and Stack

Taken facing north, this photo captures progress on the U1 boiler and stack as well as the U2 power block. No Precips yet.

The Beginnings of Unit Two

Taken from the east, this photo shows the humble beginnings of U2 at NGS. Click to enlarge.

U2 Boiler Construction

U2 is well underway in this photo. Click to zoom in for more details.

Unit One and Unit Two Boilers and Stacks

Taken from the east, this image shows the progress on both units. Look at the truck parked in the unit 1 stack to get a feel for the size of the stacks and of this whole project. Click to enlarge.

Unit One and Two Stacks

Unit one stack is going up and the unit two stack is ready to begin construction. The unit one boiler structure is to the left. Click to enlarge.

U3 Power Block Foundation

In this snapshot, the unit 3 foundation pillars are in place in the background. The unit 2 stack construction is about to begin. The white buildings to the left are the barracks.

Unit 1&2 Boilers and Original Stacks

Taken from the southeast, this photo shows the progress on both boilers and the stacks. Click the image to enlarge it.

Unit One and Two From The West

Here’s a good look at the U1&2 boilers and power block construction from the west side. The unit 1 distilled water tank is on the left.

Unit One Stack

The original U1 stack as seen from the original U2 stack. Click to enlarge to get a better idea of the size of these stacks.

NGS Coal Yard From Unit One Stack

Somebody snapped this great photo from the top of the Unit one stack. I don’t know how high the stack was at this point but it was still being raised. A small corner of the coal hopper where the BM&LP train would soon be dumping its coal is on the far left of this picture. None of the above ground conveyor belts are covered at this point.

NGS Railroad Engine House

Taken from the U1 or U2 stack, this image shows the NGS railroad engine house and the BM&LP railroad under construction. Click to enlarge.

Unit One Boiler from Unit Two Stack

The top of the U1 boiler and Service Building as seen from the original Unit Two stack. Click to enlarge.

Unit Two Boiler from Unit One Stack

No aux boilers yet! But at least there’s a roof on the power block and the elevator is enclosed.

NGS Coal Pipes Under Construction

I’m not sure what unit this was but the best I remember, it all looked the same.

Unit Two Deaerator Storage Tank

It’s about to find its home for the next 50 years or so..

Unit Two Deaerator Storage Tank

Being maneuvered into place.

Unit One Boiler Construction View From The Highway

Click the image to enlarge.

Train Coal Hopper Construction

The BM&LP trains dumped a lot of coal in this hopper over the decades. Here it is exposed and under construction. Units 1 & 2 boilers and the U1 original stack are in the background.

BM&LP Railroad Under Construction

U1 boiler, U2 coal silos, and U1&2 stacks in the background. Click to enlarge.

Unit 3 Circ Water Pump

Part of the pump housing is laying on the ground to the left. Unit 3 is under construction. The U3 precips are going up. The 3 original stacks are in the background.

Original Stacks

Unit 3 is still under construction. U1 is on-line. Work is still being done on the U3 stack. The train is sitting on the loop. Click to enlarge.

Construction on the Turbine Deck

1st Point Heater build?

IP Turbine Work

This may have been taken during an overhaul instead of NGS construction. I recognize an SRP face in it. But it’s a good picture so I’m including it.

50kV Catenary Work

The BM&LP (Black Mesa & Lake Powell) railroad was electric and powered by 50kV catenary sourced out of the NGS switchyard. This train brought coal to NGS 24/7 from the plant’s inception until its closure in 2019. Click image to enlarge.

BM&LP Engine House

Under construction and covered in clear plastic. Click to enlarge.

BM&LP Engine House

A later view of the Engine House and work in progress on the BM&LP rail line.

BM&LP Dedication

The ribbon cutting ceremony for the BM&LP railroad. Click image to enlarge.

BC-2 Exposed

Here’s a look at BC-2 that took coal from the train hopper to above ground on its way to the plant silos. I walked this belt more times than I care to remember when I started my career with SRP.

BC-2 Covered

Is this going to be dug up and removed or just buried and forgotten?

Unit 3 Construction

Construction of unit 3 nears completion. Taken from the highway or the Lake Pump road. Click to enlarge.

Units 1&2 Bearing Cooling Water

Shiny new BCW heat exchangers for NGS units 1&2.

Units 1&2 Boilers and Stacks

Taken from the south, near the top highway entrance to the plant site.

Scrubber Stacks

The scrubber stacks replaced the 3 original stacks as part of the NGS scrubber project. These are the stacks that were demolished on December 18, 2020.

Original Stack Reminders

About 200 feet of the original stacks remained in place when the scrubber stacks were installed.

NGS Construction Site

There’s a lot of detail in this picture. Click to enlarge. You’ll be glad you did.

NGS Unit One Precipitator Construction

Here’s a great photo of the Unit One Precips under construction and a good look at the Unit Boiler construction. The precipitators came down a lot quicker than they went up.

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