Aerial View of the NGS Stack Demolition

Here’s an aerial view of the NGS stack demolition that took place on December 18, 2020. Courtesy of EcoFlight, this video is hosted on their YouTube channel at–WySBu8b4JQmzEXA and shared here.

My Conversation with Fred Larson, Shift Supervisor at Navajo Generating Station

With 41 years operations experience at Navajo Generating Station, Fred Larson, O&M 4 Supervisor, was given the honor of opening the Unit 2 generator breakers for the final time on November 18, 2019, bringing to a close over 4 decades of power generation at NGS.

In our conversation, I asked him about that moment and the atmosphere in the Control Room on that final day of operation in light of his 41 year career at NGS. Grab your favorite beverage and listen in. Along with this website, I have published a new YouTube channel with the same name, Navajo Generating Station Remembered.


New Video: Welcome to My New YouTube Channel

Here’s the channel trailer I just published on my YouTube channel for NGS Remembered. Please consider subscribing so you don’t miss an episode when they’re posted. Here’s my YouTube link: