NGS Precipitator Demolition

On Tuesday, January 19 2021, the Units 1 & 2 precipitators were demolished at Navajo Generating Station. The Unit 3 precips were demolished on December 18 2020, as part of the stack implosion. You can see my video of that here on my YouTube channel at This video is courtesy of Salt River Project. See their full article at:

Source: Salt River Project

NGS Stack Implosion (Short Version)

This is the short version of the NGS stack implosion. I recorded this live on the early morning of December 18, 2020.

Source: Yours Truly

NGS Stack Implosion

This is the video I recorded the day the stacks came down on 12-18-2020. That was a long day but I wanted to get this video out even though I was starting to lose my voice. It was surreal to witness the stack demolition live. A lot of memories came to mind as I witnessed it.

Source: Yours Truly