Recent Aerial Photos of NGS and a Look Back at the Beginning

Two different people provided me with two different aerial photos taken recently of the Navajo Generating Station plant site. You know who you are, and thank you for getting these to me! Both of these photos show the current state of the NGS site as of July, 2022. There’s not much left there.

As an extra bonus I also show you an early aerial photo of the construction of the plant from 1970-ish. So this video gives you two ends of the spectrum: the demolition of NGS and the building of NGS. One of these is not like the other.


NGS Lake Pump Drilling

These photos capture some of the drilling activity at the lake pump station. The first image shows the early stages of the site. The second image shows the drilling rig and the third image is one of the drill bit used to bore through the sandstone. Click on an image to enlarge it.

NGS Unit One From The Lake Pump Road

This picture was taken from near the lake pump road (the road to Antelope Point) and is the nice view of the early construction of Navajo Generating Station. Click the image to enlarge.

NGS Original Stacks

This aerial view of the original stacks shows the unit 3 stack still under construction. Unit 1 is on line. The train is in the loop. Click the image to enlarge it.

Early NGS Unit 1 and 2 Construction

Here’s another snapshot of the unit 1 boiler under construction and construction progressing on unit 2. The structure for the U1 and U2 elevator is clearly visible. The units 1 & 2 turbine deck is there. One of the yellow Bechtel trucks we used to see all over town is in the foreground. Click the image to enlarge.

Early NGS Aerial Overview

When I saw this picture I recognized much of what was in it right away because I remember being there probably 6-8 months after this picture was taken. Since I’m cooped up over here with the social distancing thing going on and I wanted to tell somebody about it, I made this short video. Lucky you! Let me walk you through what I remember about the things in this photo.

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Here’s a copy of the image in case you want it for your collection.

NGS Units 1 and 2 Stack Construction

This is a very early snapshot of the Units 1 and 2 stacks under construction. Click image to enlarge.

NGS Coal Yard Construction

This photo was taken from somewhere on the U1 boiler structure. The dewatering bins and the U1&2 fly ash bin are under construction. The train’s in the background. Click to enlarge. There’s a lot of detail to see in this one.

NGS Unit One Progressing

This photo, taken from the south, shows construction progressing on unit one’s boiler. Some of the air ducts are in place and the units one and two elevator shaft is emerging. Check out the vintage pickup trucks and the workers on the ground. Click to enlarge.

NGS Unit One Boiler Skeleton

Here’s another view of unit one’s boiler structure under construction. This is looking west-ish toward the town of Page. All the unit one silos are in place. Notice the workers on the top right of the photo. Click to enlarge. Be sure to check out my YouTube Channel too.