The NGS Unit 3 Steam Lead Failure: My Interview with Mark Avery

If you worked at Navajo Generating Station, you’ve probably heard the story and seen the pictures of the night the Unit 3 steam leads failed while the unit was online. But have you ever wondered what exactly happened and what it must have been like to be in the control room when those main steam lines blew off the Unit 3 high pressure turbine? If so, you’re going to like this interview because Mark Avery was the Unit 3 Control Room operator on shift the night the steam leads failed and you’re going to hear what that experience was like directly from Mark.

Here are the links to the pictures I show during this video. These images will open in a new tab in your browser.


3 thoughts on “The NGS Unit 3 Steam Lead Failure: My Interview with Mark Avery

  1. This happened before my time but my desire to learn all i could about the “beast”, i was shown to the south wall of the power block which had a large hole where i was told that one of the ateam lead bolts had pierced the wall near the roof line. I was told that the bolt was found where the new warehouse is located. Correct me if i am incorrect. Thank you John and Vivian for the invite.


    • That’s correct Marc. We talk about that in the video and I show pictures of a sheared off bolt and the hole in the power block wall.


  2. Thank you Mark Avery and Mark Adams, as you both spoke of what a great company SRP was, I concour. I was the guy you wanted to avoid. My job was to insure compliance with EPA regulations. Sometimes this added extra tasks, especially during overhauls/outages. SRP willing to go the extra mile when dealing with environmental issues.


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