Aerial Flyby of Navajo Generating Station in the Not-Too-Distant Past

This undated flyby of NGS is great! Still making megawatts when this happened. The helicopter rotor sound is an added bonus.
Source: Salt River Project, public download.

An Aerial View of the NGS Stack Demolition

These photos show the December 18, 2020 stack demolition from an aerial vantage point. This images are the copyright property of John Dillon Photography and are used here by permission. You can see more by visiting John Dillon Photography on Facebook at and on Instagram at Thank you John for allowing me to use these!

The NGS Unit 3 Steam Lead Failure: My Interview with Mark Avery

If you worked at Navajo Generating Station, you’ve probably heard the story and seen the pictures of the night the Unit 3 steam leads failed while the unit was online. But have you ever wondered what exactly happened and what it must have been like to be in the control room when those main steam lines blew off the Unit 3 high pressure turbine? If so, you’re going to like this interview because Mark Avery was the Unit 3 Control Room operator on shift the night the steam leads failed and you’re going to hear what that experience was like directly from Mark.

Here are the links to the pictures I show during this video. These images will open in a new tab in your browser.