NGS Unit One Boiler Skeleton

Here’s another view of unit one’s boiler structure under construction. This is looking west-ish toward the town of Page. All the unit one silos are in place. Notice the workers on the top right of the photo. Click to enlarge. Be sure to check out my YouTube Channel too.

NGS Unit One Under Construction

This early photo of unit one at Navajo Generating Station is taken from the south, looking north. Click to enlarge it and take a closer look at the detail. The power block foundations for units one and two are in place and the coal silos for unit one are set. There’s a guy running a John Deere front-end loader in the foreground. Nothing runs like a Deere!

NGS Stack Demolition Aftermath

This eerie photo was taken right after the Navajo Generating Station stack implosion on December 18, 2020. It was taken from the west side of the power block, looking toward Unit Two. Be sure to check out my YouTube Channel.

My Conversation with Fred Larson, Shift Supervisor at Navajo Generating Station

With 41 years operations experience at Navajo Generating Station, Fred Larson, O&M 4 Supervisor, was given the honor of opening the Unit 2 generator breakers for the final time on November 18, 2019, bringing to a close over 4 decades of power generation at NGS.

In our conversation, I asked him about that moment and the atmosphere in the Control Room on that final day of operation in light of his 41 year career at NGS. Grab your favorite beverage and listen in. Along with this website, I have published a new YouTube channel with the same name, Navajo Generating Station Remembered.


NGS Unit One Boiler and Stack

This photo is a look north at the Unit One boiler and stack. You can also see the Unit One coal silos and construction proceeding on the Unit Two power block. Be sure to check out my YouTube Channel. Click the image to enlarge it and see more detail.

NGS Beginnings

This is view of the plant site very early on. There’s a lot of activity going on in this photo. Click the image to enlarge it and check out the detail. Be sure to check out my YouTube Channel.

New Video: Welcome to My New YouTube Channel

Here’s the channel trailer I just published on my YouTube channel for NGS Remembered. Please consider subscribing so you don’t miss an episode when they’re posted. Here’s my YouTube link:

NGS Unit One Precipitator Construction

This is an excellent shot of the NGS Unit 1 precipitator construction. The Ford station wagon adds to the overall character of the photo. Click to enlarge and take a closeup look at the activity.

NGS Construction Site

This undated photo shows the Navajo Generating Station construction site with Units 1&2 well under way. Click the image to enlarge it. There’s a lot to see in this. If you were there at the time, this photo will bring back a lot memories for you. If you were there, let me know in the comments.

NGS Precipitator Demolition

On Tuesday, January 19 2021, the Units 1 & 2 precipitators were demolished at Navajo Generating Station. The Unit 3 precips were demolished on December 18 2020, as part of the stack implosion. You can see my video of that here on my YouTube channel at This video is courtesy of Salt River Project. See their full article at:

Source: Salt River Project